Jul 29 2008

The Omega Time Piece, I can be 007…

Recently my wife and I took a trip Jared to get my Tissot Time Piece battery replaced. While at Jared it’s hard to do nothing but fantasize about the stunning jewelry and watches on display. So I’m looking around while wating when all of sudden I become drawn to the Time Piece section of the […]

Jul 28 2008

Are gas prices causing us to give up our dreams?

I was reading an article in the New York Times in tittled “Putting The Dream Car Out to Pasture”. The article coveys a practical message that even I am battling with on a daily basis. I currently drive a Nissan Titan which I love, but haven’t filled it up since Gas went over $3.00 a […]

Jul 26 2008

Yard work is a blessing, to those who love it

It was fricking hot today, when I decided to go out and do some much needed yard work. Here in Florida when that heat and humidity starts kicking in high gear it gets ruff! I swear I was getting delusional out there. Sort of reminded me of the conditions when I used to play football […]

Jul 23 2008

How to become a young millionaire? That’s my goal!

Recently I was reading an article on entrepreneur.com that discussed entrepreneurship and becoming succeeful at an early age. It was an interview with Jennifer Kushell the author of Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to get everything you want without waiting a lifetime. That title alone envokes the exact thoughts I have about becoming […]

Jul 23 2008

Vacation to Washington D.C., I needed that

Last week I went on a brief vacation to Washington D.C. with my wife Karen to get away from it all and for her to take part in her sororities’ 100th Anniversary. When I say vacations are a must, geeze man! Being the ambitious person that I am I have gotten involved in many things […]

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