Sep 29 2008

James Bond brings out the Smirnoff Black Vodka

You have to know by now that James Bond is a reoccurring subject on doozieUp.  I recently learned that Smirnoff is releasing a special Quantum of Solace version featuring a Smirnoff Black limited-edition stainless steel cocktail shaker that holds a 70cl bottle of Smirnoff Black vodka, according to Luxist. I figured I would share that […]

Sep 29 2008

Cocktail Culture and the “Good Life”

The “Good Life” and well made cocktails have to go hand in hand. The premium spirits and fresh ingredients used to snazz these drinks up does give you that “I’m important” feeling as you try so hard to drink it slowly. It’s almost like an extension of your personality when drinking a martini or cocktail, […]

Sep 27 2008

New insights more knowledge | Blog Orlando

I am currently attending “Blog Orlando” getting new insights and exposing myself to new ideals and tools when it comes to the web, social media, blogging, and new tools. I beleive these are the types of events that are going to advance my career and ultimately lead me down a path to realizing my dreams. […]

Sep 24 2008

Bently Arnage Final Series

This blog is very much so about dreaming and getting the things you truly want in life, and I’m sure many have and still are fantasizing about the Bently Arnage. Well unless your going to buy a used model later in life, you better kick your determination into overdrive if your going to get your […]

Sep 11 2008

New 007 Quantum of Solace Trailer

I can’t wait for this to come out. I love James Bond as you can tell as I have referenced him multiple times throughout my posts. I’m sure he will be whipping that Aston Martin DBS and sporting my favorite Omega Timepiece:

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