Oct 30 2008

Most expensive zip codes around the country – Philadelphia

The next stop on most expensive zip codes tour brings us to Philadelphia, PA. I thought this would be a good choice as the Phillie’s beat my Tampa Rays in the World Series last night. I have yet to visit Philly, but I wouldn’t mind dropping by their to pick up an authentic Philly Cheese […]

Oct 29 2008

Another Exquisite TimePiece to Dream About: BRM R-50-TN

You will soon notice my taste in timepieces as you continue to follow the selection I choose to write about, but this one is simply stunning and leaves me craving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or 911 Turbo to match. BRM stands for Barnard Richards Manufacturing. A luxury timepiece shop just outside of Paris France. To say […]

Oct 29 2008

The Good Life with Romeo

Romeo (son of music mogul Percy Miller) has been living a pretty outrageous life since he was young. What impresses me about him is his ability set high goals and follow his own dreams without settling for the success and wealth he has grown custom to. He pushes himself in school as well as on […]

Oct 28 2008

Dreamer Tip: How to live the good life now

Remember when you were a kid and sat around imagining you where this or that? Those were great times because there was no limit set on what you could do or be. To make your dreams into reality these days its going to take a little creative imagination and role playing. Think about the type […]

Oct 28 2008

Does your dream kitchen look like this?

I love myself some food and cooking, though I have not been doing my usual experimenting lately I often ponder what my dream kitchen will look like. Not sure if any of these are the perfect match, but they sure are sweet. For some faint reason I feel like I may brake one of these, […]

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