Nov 14 2008

Self Evalutaion Time: My 10 Year High School Reunion

So its that time. That time in my life where I come to grips with how much time has passed. 10 years since I graduated from High School. See my reaction to the invite here. Many people are either excited about the opportunity to see how much better they are doing verses everyone else, and […]

Nov 13 2008

Burr Ridge, The Illinois High Life

If any of your dreams and aspirations in life include the state of Illinois you may want to check out Burr Ridge as a possible place to call home. Burr Ridge is an affluent suburb of Chicago where you can have your own chef, the cake, and eat it too! 😉 The luxury estate featured […]

Nov 11 2008

Who has to die before you push yourself to the limit?

That title may sound a little strange, but the reason for this post is to think about that question, Who has to die before you push yourself to the limit? I’m sure you have heard the stories of great people who stopped at nothing to achieve great dreams after dedicating that dream to a recently […]

Nov 10 2008

Mercedes Benz AMG Division’s New Black Series SL65

Mercedes’ AMG Division now has a “Black Series”, apparently to offer it’s loyal customers another level of excitement (from Car Magazine) since many of them choose to go to other manufactures for greater thrills. I would imagine some of the candidates would be Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche to name a few. In this post I […]

Nov 6 2008

Most expensive zip codes in the country – Washington DC

With the announcement of our President Elect Barack Obama, lets make the next stop on our most expensive zip codes tour in Washington DC. I actually visited DC this past summer with my wife and I really enjoyed the trip, though those streets can get a little confusing with all the circles. On our previous […]

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