Dec 25 2008

Santa has a Pimp New Sleigh!

Merry Christmas from Santa and his new Christmas Present to himself. There is no better way to say Merry Christmas from doozieUp then to present this funny illustration featured on AutoBlog with Santa sporting a pimp new Bentley GTC Sleigh. Can we say zero to Christmas .0001 seconds… Merry Christmas from doozieUp!

Dec 20 2008

Top 10 Christmas Wishes – #6 Wine Cellar Vault

When looking for that cool factor to complete your dream home as well as satisfying your fantasy of being Bruce Wayne, our next item on doozieUp’s Top 10 Christmas Wishes is… #6 Wine Cellar Vault When starting your Fine Wine collection why not add a cool factor to having a cellar. This vault is digitally […]

Dec 19 2008

Top 10 Chistmas Wishes – #7 Ariel Atom 3

Time to let the fun adventurous side out! There was another item in the #7 spot until a recent show I saw on Speed Network that exposed me to a new toy I need in my life. Maybe a substitute for a motorcycle and a race car simultaneously, today’s pick on doozieUp’s Top 10 Christmas […]

Dec 18 2008

Top 10 Christmas Wishes – #8 Louis XIII de Rémy Martin by Christophe Pillet

In the spirit of doozieUp’s Top 10 Christmas Wishes lets not forget about the finer things in life that are savored and consumed. A little less tangible than a gift you can experience over and over again, today’s pick combines the senses of touch, taste, small, and sight. #8 Louis XIII Rémy Martin presented in […]

Dec 17 2008

Top 10 Christmas Wishes – #9 BRM Watch

Our list of doozieUp’s Top 10 Christmas Wishes continues with #9 R50 T Timepiece from Barnard Richards Manufacturing This would be  a great gift if anyone thought so kind to stop off in Paris and pic one up for me. It should only set you back about 35k or so… A drop in the dream […]

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