Feb 16 2009

Work or play? Are they the same? For some…

Like me many people who have so-called “made it” I simply went to college, picked the best major to guarantee a decent life, because that was the typical thing to do. We graduated, got that “good job”, and proceeded to live life going to work and waiting for the weekend. The terms “TGIF” and “HUMP […]

Feb 15 2009

I got a new job in 3 weeks!

So after about three weeks of feeling like I was in “time-out” I got the call I had been waiting for. “Hey they want to make you an offer!” I was in the gym at the time getting a good workout in to take my mind of the stress of knowing my money was about […]

Feb 3 2009

Getting laid off sucks, but you can’t stop moving forward

So in my previous post (yes it’s been a while) I was talking about how I gave a FaceBook friend some advice on how to deal when things go wrong. Funny thing is three days after writing it I got laid off from my job! Yeah it sucked and was something like an outer body […]


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