Apr 29 2009

How to feel like a million bucks

Thanks to BornRich for the inspiring photo For starters, wake up to this view every morning. When gazing at a photo with this much beauty you have to ponder what does the person who lives here feel like when they open their eyes every morning. I guess it all depends, if they are alone and […]

Apr 28 2009

how dreams are made, quite simply

I focus on thinking about how I want my life to be while I’m enjoying living the life I was given, and taking action to make the life I want my reality. – emdoozie

Apr 22 2009

I luv Man vs Food on Travel Channel

Man vs Food on Travel Channel makes me hungry every time I watch it. In college I used to survive by eating Top Ramen while watching Food Network. Mind over matter right, even when it’s salty boiled noodles cooked in a microwave. I want to know why I can’t get a job going to the […]


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