Michael Anderson - emdoozieHey! I’m Michael Anderson aka “emdoozie”. I created this site as a motivational tool for myself as well as the visitors to promote abundant & limitless living, where people actually go after their wildest dreams fully intending on experiencing them.

So I guess you’re wondering what does doozieUp actually mean?

-Something that is extraordinary or outstanding of its kind
-To make more attractive or appealing

I apply this term to life in general. “doozieUp Your Life” is simply going after your dreams and not settling for your circumstances or situation. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate what we have and be thankful for where we are, but there are so many things people will never experience simply because they don’t believe they can, or haven’t been exposed to it.

When following your goals and living your dreams you have to have some sort imagery in your mind about what that success looks like. One of my main missions with doozieUp is to provide just that. A look into the life, the things, the places where success is evident and experienced. It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to make it and live my dreams”, but what does that look like for you? When you have a clear image of what your dreams look like it’s much easier to focus on what it takes to achieve it.

doozieUp is all about what you (and I) want, through my eyes of course. I only have one view here, so please feel free let me know what your dreams are and the lifestyle you like to fantasize about and I will make sure to cover them here on doozieUp. I will feature many topics from exotic cars, luxury vacations, estate homes, to gadgets, appliances and everything else I can think of. Along with that I do understand life isn’t just about physical things, so when I come across great articles for life improvement to help you reach your goals I will share them with you. I have my own self improvement tidbits I like to throw in myself, though I am no expert, I do feel I have a good insight on various topics.

Welcome to doozieUp and the journey of living dreams. Through time I hope I can share with you my triumphs as one dream after the other comes into my life. Make sure you do the same!

Check out my 43Things Goals & Achievements, I fully intend on molding my life into the exact vision I have in my head (So should you). Don’t just be a spectator, join in and take life by the horns!

doozieUp is not just a blog, it’s a movement. Brake out of that negative, limited thinking and doozieUp Yo Life Fool! Your Deserve It!


doozieUp is now iPhone ready, enjoy reading all the great posts directly from your phone!


This is just an update of a new resolution I have for doozieUp. Just as businesses have business plans that evolve though time as a living document, I feel the same way about this “About” page, as it explains exactly what you can expect from doozieUp. See the following excerpt from my recent post “My Self-Doubt almost got the best of me“:

From now on I am going to write what I feel, what I like, and above all what I am passionate about. I have to stop doubting myself and wondering, “are they going to like this story”, or “I’m sure people will think it’s cool if I write about this…”. The core focus of doozieUp will still be about achievement and bringing your dreams to life by knowing what you want, but you’re also going to get a lot more Michael Anderson (emdoozie) splashed in there as well. I am really glad I started this blog as it is showing me who I am and I am growing as I continue to write and develop it into what  believe will be a great achievement in my life.


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