Jul 21 2010

Top 3 ways to never succeed in life

Hey! Yeah I know it’s been a while since I have posted and it’s been rather infrequently at that. Tell you the truth I had to stop for a while, because it was time to stop simply dreaming and take action on my ideas to realize those dreams. I would like to say that I […]

May 7 2010

(Re-Post) 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts”

This post is a 100% re-post from YoungEntrepreneur.COM. A great article on trusting your ideas and making them happen. I say instead of letting people talk you out of your idea, take action on it and prove it won’t work by actually attempting it! Awesome Article! Enjoy. 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts” […]

Mar 16 2010

A Note for my FaceBook friends about Network Marketing

I will never get involved in Network Marketing ever again. Unless I’m part owner of the company who “really” owns the business. Here is the note I wrote to my FaceBook friends. The FaceBook Note I wrote: I have noticed a new burst of Network Marketers in my circle of friends and new contacts. I […]

Jan 5 2010

When to change the plan?

Honestly I wouldn’t be the best person to answer this question but I do believe my intuition and my heart never lead me wrong. I’m working on a project at home which I’ve spent months researching and planning. Once I begin to execute my plan and experimenting with it, I got it right once, and […]


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