Jul 21 2010

Top 3 ways to never succeed in life

Hey! Yeah I know it’s been a while since I have posted and it’s been rather infrequently at that. Tell you the truth I had to stop for a while, because it was time to stop simply dreaming and take action on my ideas to realize those dreams. I would like to say that I […]

May 7 2010

(Re-Post) 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts”

This post is a 100% re-post from YoungEntrepreneur.COM. A great article on trusting your ideas and making them happen. I say instead of letting people talk you out of your idea, take action on it and prove it won’t work by actually attempting it! Awesome Article! Enjoy. 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts” […]

Oct 29 2008

The Good Life with Romeo

Romeo (son of music mogul Percy Miller) has been living a pretty outrageous life since he was young. What impresses me about him is his ability set high goals and follow his own dreams without settling for the success and wealth he has grown custom to. He pushes himself in school as well as on […]

Aug 26 2008

Just Call 50 Cent Forbes’ $150 Million Dollar Dude

50 Cent tops Forbes’ annual list of the world’s highest-paid rappers beating out the likes of Jay-Z, Sean Combs, and Kanye West. Considering this is his earnings for one years work, boy how dreams can hit new levels when you get in the right place and find your groove in life. I noticed how many […]

Jun 25 2008

Dreams do come true! Just ask Esmée Denters

This is a good example of dreams coming true. Esmée Denters started out as an everyday girl who loved to sing. She decided to share her vocal skills with the world by placing videos of her home performances on YouTube. She knew she loved to sing so she did, only she decided to take action […]


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