Oct 25 2008

Dreamers, prepare for the next cycle of prosperity…

There is no need to mention that we are in a strange time with global recession rumors, bailouts, failing stock markets, and many other not so good news around the globe. Don’t worry, I don’t look to reinforce the negative things that are going on right now, instead I rather focus on what lies on the other side of our so called “economic crisis”.

In history every economy has gone through cycles. Cycles of massive prosperity and cycles of extreme lack and scarcity. What I am trying to focus my energy and hopes on is the next wave of prosperity. So here are a few questions I ask myself when thinking about this. Read More

Oct 24 2008

Italian Police get to drive Lamborghinis?? I’m Moving!

A friend sent me a link to a Wired Blog called Autopia which has a post today about Italian Police driving Lamborghini’s. Does this mean they get paid more for being highway patrolmen over there? So, I wonder if Ferrari and Maserati are in different jurisdictions? At any rate, this is my last post, I’m moving to Italy to join the force! lol

Just kidding, enjoy the pics and the video though… Read More

Oct 24 2008

Liz Strauss’ Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life

Photo by: Michael Falco for The New York Times

As promised when I am exposed to good advice to help better my life I will share it with everyone. Liz Strauss posted this Top 10 list on Successful Blog which really embodies everything I believe about actively going after your dreams, and making life what you truly want it to be. As you read this list try evaluating how each point relates to you and how you can deploy these points in your life, if you’re not already.

Feedback please, lets discuss. Enjoy… Read More

Oct 23 2008

Most expensive zip codes around the country – Boston, MA

In the past I did wrote a top 5 five zip codes in the counrty series to take a look into where the most successful people in the county actually live. Now I’m not saying your not successful if you don’t live in any of the areas I cover. Success is all about self perception and what you equate to success, but it is a known fact that home prices will lead exactly to where success is taking place. At any rate I will jump around from every week featuring major cities, if there is an area you would like featured list it in the comments or via my Contact page.

First up I think we should start with Boston, MA

  • 1 – Boston, MA 02116     Median Sales Price = $915,000
  • 2 – Boston, MA 02114     Median Sales Price = $883,000
  • 3 – Charlestown, MA 002129     Median Sales Price = $589,000
  • 4 – Brighton, MA 02135   Median Sales Price = $480,000
  • 5 – Boston, MA 02127       Median Sales Price = $425,000

Note: as the real estate market is in a constant flux, these top zip codes will change fairly often

Data Provided by: eppraisal

Oct 23 2008

Is Africa on your list of must visits, Amanjena Maybe?

When you think of an African Getaway what comes to mind? Ever considered Morocco?

“Amanjena is a rose-hued luxury resort, secluded in a private enclave of cooling fountains and verdant gardens, a stone’s throw from the extravagant Medina of Marrakech. With the High Atlas Mountains as your backdrop, let Amanjena treat you to the wonders of vibrant Morocco.” – Aman Resorts

I know I have some preconceived notions about Africa and which parts warrant a visit. Seeing that I have never set foot on that continent I guess I should throw all my assumptions out of the window and contemplate where I would like to visit first. Hmm, seems as though Morocco is definitely getting heavy consideration from the looks of it. Africa is definitely on my list of places to visit, and with it being such a large continent I’m sure it will be a series of vacations to hit some of the most sought after areas. Enjoy the other pictures of Amanjena below… Read More

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