Dec 17 2009

Google hits the road with Audi


I figured it would only be a matter of time before the web fully invaded the rest of our lives besides personal computers and smart phones. Google Services is going to be fully integrated in the new Audi A8 via BornRich. That includes Google Earth, Maps, and Local Search. I already feel like there is nothing I don’t know with the web at my side. Now it will be that much easier to get to that vital info even when on a road trip. I guess I should by an Audi 1st…lol

Next thing someone is gong to tell is that you can stream Netflix Movies to your center console whole driving. Yes, the traffic accident rate will increase.

Dec 15 2009

Back in action and ready for 2010


This has been an interesting year indeed to say the least. Now as it’s about over I’m not afraid to say get the hell outa here! All life’s challenges provide valuable lessons and this years leaves me feeling like I got a Masters in coping with a Minor perseverance. Well the year is almost out. I say we reflect, think about how blessed we are to make it this far and start looking towards our dreams in 2010.

C’mon baby! When Tiger Woods can’t make it out of a year unscathed you know it’s bad…lol

Sep 2 2009

The Ferrari 458 Italia looks pretty sweet

I consider myself more of a Lamborghini guy for their outrageousness, and a 911 Turbo guy for practicality and a FAT tail… But this new Ferrari 458 Italia is pretty sweet. Check out the pics. Click for larger image. Pics via Luxist





For more Pics… Read More

Aug 31 2009

The Lamborghini LP560 Simply HOT

Video provided by JustLuxé

Jul 28 2009

Miami Dreams and the 1 in a million

phantom_drophead_in_south_beach_1-568-426Recently I took a weekend trip with friends to Miami. South Beach to be exact. It’s pretty much self explanatory of the scene on South Beach. Party Animals, International Tycoons, and the parading wanna be’s with there 1200 dollar rental Lambo’s cruising up and down Ocean Drive. To some it up I had a great time. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed the scenery of the hot cars, sheik beach side hotels, and Azure waters. During my walk down the beach with friends I saw countless Aston Martin’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and every other exotic that comes to mind. So me of course being the dreamer that I am constantly envisioned myself living the life of a person who enjoyed such luxuries on a regular basis. It was awesome.

I came back to work the following Monday explaining to a co-worker all the things I saw, and how it motivated me to stay focused on my dreams, because that’s how I want to be able to live my life. He quickly stopped my rant saying, “you don’t understand, you can’t live that way! The people that visit Miami with that lifestyle are those 1 in a million success stories from around the world. You can’t just think you can live that life”. I stopped him quickly with my rebuttal. Read More

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