Jul 4 2008

Achieve your goals by keeping them in front of you.

When you know exactly what you want the only way your going get it is by keeping that goal in front of you. Pictures, screen savors, goal lists etc. Try 43Things, it’s great way to stay on top of your goals and challenge yourself. The important thing is you have to believe you really can achieve it. Once you have that firm belief you need to constantly remind yourself of what you want and why you want it. The only way you can do this is to make your goals known and visible throughout your world, so that your constantly reminded, “this is what I want, and how I want to live my life” http://enligneviagra.net/.

In “The Secret” one of the speakers mentioned having something called a vision board. On this board he put pictures of all the things he wanted to achieve and attain in his life. Long story short, 5 years later after multiple moves he was unpacking some old boxes and found his old vision board. To his amazement he was living in the dream home he had on his vision board and didn’t even realize it.

I believe, and many have stated that there are endless possibilities to what people can achieve if they focus their minds on it and believe they can do it. In the photo above, my wife and I keep the brochure of our dream home posted to the front of our refrigerator. So every time we pass by, or open the fridge, we are reminded of our ultimate goal. This always leads me to question myself:

“Are you doing everything in your power to move towards achieving your dreams, and are you taking action? What are you doing on a daily basis to achieve this goal?”

Constantly motivating myself means I am constantly researching and trying various ventures, because I know eventually I’m going to hit that sweet spot. Persistence, constant belief, and faith in myself and God is my way to my future and goals. Whats yours?

doozieUp your life you deserve it!

Jul 3 2008

Kalamazoo Edo Grill, The Art of Gourmet Grilling

kalamazoo edo grill

For those grilling fanatics out there, what’s your idea of a dream grill? Some might say an over sized cast iron smoker where charcoal and wood are the only acceptable means of fire and smoke. Others will go for the standard gas grill or a gourmet outdoor kitchen. Well let me introduce you to the Kalamazoo Edo, a grill as sexy as it is functional. What’s better than a flame throwing, meat searing monster that doubles as piece of contemporary fine art. I do favor the charcoal grill, but Read More

Jul 1 2008

3G iPhone to be released July 11th, Will the iPhone change the world?

The 3G iPhone

Due out on July 11th I can wager many will be waiting in line just to brag to their friends and blog aboutiPhone features being the first to have one. As evidenced when the first generation iPhone arrived last year, Apple had plenty on supply and the whole waiting inline bit was more so for entertainment purposes as it turned out. I would presume the same will result on the 11th.

Though I don’t blame them as I believe the iPhone is changing the world and the way people live. Having the full knowledge and power of the internet at your beck and call when ever you desire should not betaken lightly. Now even more so with 3G speeds. As I have mentioned in recent posts the greatest ideas which change lives come about in Read More

Jun 30 2008

Sex In The City, Manhattan High-Life at Hotel Gansevoort

Ready for that short weekend trip to NYC? You deserve to live the High-Life every now and then, for that matter you deserve to live the High-Life full time! Until that becomes a reality the weekend will just have to do. Welcome to Hotel Gansevoort (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) an Urban Chic paradise for those who thrive in the big city. Reminiscent of a scene from Sex In The City, this Socialite Paradise has something for everyone. Check out a few of their exclusive packages and see if you can identify your version of the Manhattan High-Life:

Sex In The City

  • Ultimate Shopping Spree Escape – Shop until you drop in one of New York City’s hottest shopping neighborhoods with the Hotel Gansevoort’s Ultimate Shopping Spree Escape Package. Upon check-in, guests will receive a Read More

Jun 26 2008

The Saga of Luxury Spirits, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin

Louis XIII cognac

To this point I have featured a few dream items many set their sites on as they strive to propel their lives to ever higher levels. When we think of our dreams and the things we want, we have to remember the things we simply experience. To live is to chase life in all it’s glory. I have covered a few items one can touch, hear, and see. Now lets ponder the other 2 senses, Smell and Taste. Read More

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