Jun 16 2008

Rock Star Status, for a fraction of the Cost!

So undoubtedly you will understand through future posts, that I love exotic automobiles. I am determined that this blog cover a vast array of areas so that most of my readers dreams are sparked in some way, but for this post it’s all about speed, luxury, and exlusivity on four wheels. When you happen to get a glimpse of these emphamous autos on the highway, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? For me, what does the driver do for a living, and how does it feel to drive that car?

When I see these awesome displays of engineering, art, and power, I tell myself one thing. We shall meet one day my friend, one day! Some people see these cars and act as if they have just had a chance visit from a “Rock Star” who they will likely never see again.

Did you know that many of these Super Cars you see on the road are experienced like time shares! Read More

Jun 15 2008

The American Dream, For Real…?

What is your ideal existence?

The American Dream is an ideal. There shouldn’t be an American Dream. There should be an individual dream, where people don’t conform to what’s expected to be their “Goal in Life”. In some eyes I live the American Dream right now. I own my own home, and have a good “job”. The fact is, this is not my dream. It’s an existence.

Most people let their reality determine their future. So when I ask the question, “what is your ideal existence?” really think hard, but ruling out the following:

-Other peoples opinion
-How your going to do it

Now that we know the rules. Lets get startedRead More

Jun 14 2008

Your Eureka Moment, I GOT IT!

Everyone has had one, but few take it seriously. Every great idea you have is only great in the eyes of the right person. That person has to be you. You know those times when your sitting around with friends & family conversing about this, that, & the other and all of a sudden you hear the phrase forming, “You know it would be sweet if…!”


Some great idea is about to spill from this person’s mouth! Here is where you capitalize. Read More

Jun 13 2008

What was the point of college, besides the obvious?

College was a very pivotal point in my life. More so than the education was the people I met during college and the way they influenced my future. College is not just about books and getting a degree. It’s about going away, getting out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to things, people, cultures, and personalities you have never experienced before.

In order to know what it is you truly want out of life you have to be exposed to it. If you stay in your comfort zone and never step out to meet new people in an unfamiliar social circle, you will miss out on many opportunities. Stepping out allows you Read More

Jun 13 2008

Porsche Design FEARLESS 28, Take the cap off your dreams!

What are your dreams like?

Law of attraction: Your thoughts determine your destiny

“FEARLESS 28”, this is the sweetest yacht I have ever laid eyes on. It’s a High Performance Coupe on water, designed by Porsche no less. This is definitely getting added to my must have list! I can see myself right this moment under the Sunny Sky’s of South Florida pushing 80mph+ as the Read More

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