Jul 26 2009

Too many ideas is a great problem to have


So in the past 4 months I must say have been very interesting. Dealing with the employment instability my wife and I have had to face coupled with my un-dieing thirst for success and dream realization is a cause for traps in productivity. I have found myself often times sitting around fantasizing about what I know my life will be like one day, yet there’s so much bad news, layoffs, and other roadblocks that continue to jump in my way when I’m on to something. One thing I can say is I never let my dreams fade though tough times keep hitting me. I also make sure I enjoy this journey and every second of my life. I see what I want my life to be and consist of, but I am also aware that the life I’m living in the present is pretty awesome too. Great friends and family is something I really feel blessed to have in my life.

With my ambition getting ever more intense I have ideas for products and businesses stacked up in queue just waiting to be acted upon. One mistake I have made in the past is trying to do too many things at a time. So I told myself from now on Read More

Jun 17 2009

I have been slacking

slackerYou don’t have to tell me. Yep I been slacking on the posts, but I promise that it has been for a good cause. GETTING MY LIFE IN ORDER. Prioritizing what’s important, what my goals are, and challenging myself to be great. No one ever told me finding my purpose in life would take me through so many transitions, but I’m enjoying the ride. Not sure where I am in the journey so far, but I’m following my intuition and doing my best.

Thanks for hanging around… :-)

May 6 2009

I want this watch TAG Heuer Monaco Le MANS Concept

tag heuer le mans concept

Not much to say, but gimmie, gimmie, gimmie…. Apparently it’s supposed to be unveiled at the 2009 BaselWorld conference.
If anyone is going please pick me up one, and I will have an IOU waiting :-)

Apr 29 2009

How to feel like a million bucks

feel like a million bucksThanks to BornRich for the inspiring photo

For starters, wake up to this view every morning. When gazing at a photo with this much beauty you have to ponder what does the person who lives here feel like when they open their eyes every morning. I guess it all depends, if they are alone and have know friends or loved ones to share it with it could seem pretty empty, leaving the beauty unappreciated. But for a person like myself who enjoys sunshine, lush landscapes and natural light, I would feel like a million bucks. Rich and lonely will never be an issue for me as the gold and treasure in my life are my friends and family. All the luxuries and things are just extra. Don’t get me wrong, I have everything when it comes to people, but I would like to get my hands on a few items and experiences I have been dreaming about too.

“Waking up to a million dollar view can make you feel like a million bucks, but so can your mind with some creative thinking and a thankful attitude about your life” – emdoozie

How do you feel about success vs. realtionships? Do you think success causes relationships to fall apart? I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with your motives and values…

Apr 28 2009

how dreams are made, quite simply


I focus on thinking about how I want my life to be while I’m enjoying living the life I was given, and taking action to make the life I want my reality. – emdoozie

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