Feb 3 2009

Getting laid off sucks, but you can’t stop moving forward

laid-offSo in my previous post (yes it’s been a while) I was talking about how I gave a FaceBook friend some advice on how to deal when things go wrong. Funny thing is three days after writing it I got laid off from my job! Yeah it sucked and was something like an outer body experience. Your boss comes in and says, “Hey Mike can I talk to you in my office real quick…?”. Now I am sitting here knowing full well that under any other circumstance he would have just talked to me right at my desk as we had a pretty laid back work place (one of the best I have ever been apart of). I knew then it was about to go down. I sat down and he began to speak, then I a began to hear absolutely nothing. I saw his lips move but the only thing functioning was my internal thought process trying to compute, how is this bill going to get paid, how am I going to do that, how long will it take me to find another job, etc.

When I got in my car to drive home there was no emotion, just that weird feeling that, “dude you don’t have a job, there are a lot of things you need to pay for, and your dream of owning your own business is not quite in full swing yet…” So here I am a statistic in this ball of toxic soup we call our economy. The first couple of days all I could think about is Read More

Jan 19 2009

Things go wrong, but they go right too, bet on Right

when-things-go-wrongA friend on FaceBook posted the following status, “can’t take another thing going wrong. I’m done !”

I gave her some words of encouragement,  so I figured why not post it because I’m sure many others are feeling the same frustration. I have felt the same way plenty of times. My response:

“Don’t worry we are all getting plenty “going wrong” right now. The good thing is it helps us appreciate when things start going right. Don’t give up before it starts going right, because eventually it will. Law of averages + divine intervention = WIN” – Michael Anderson

Jan 17 2009

First Post of 2009 – A better year

2009Wow, I have not wrote anything on doozieUp since Dec. 25th of 2008! That’s bad I know, I need to post waaay more often then that, but during Christmas I kinda traveled for a week without a consistent connection to the web, so there is my excuse. I am sitting here thinking about how 2009 is going to be and I’m hoping it’s going to be good.

As an inspired person who is constantly trying to find my passion and the source of the great wealth I want to bring into my life, I am always sitting around thinking and contemplating what I want to do, when I am going to do it, and how it’s going to help me achieve all my dreams and goals. I got to do plenty of that over the Christmas break and the more I do, the  less I tend to write, because I am too busy thinking. As I continue on this journey to find my path to success I am finding that Read More

Dec 25 2008

Santa has a Pimp New Sleigh!

Merry Christmas from Santa and his new Christmas Present to himself. There is no better way to say Merry Christmas from doozieUp then to present this funny illustration featured on AutoBlog with Santa sporting a pimp new Bentley GTC Sleigh. Can we say zero to Christmas .0001 seconds…

Santa's Bently GTC Sleigh

Merry Christmas from doozieUp!

Dec 20 2008

Top 10 Christmas Wishes – #6 Wine Cellar Vault

When looking for that cool factor to complete your dream home as well as satisfying your fantasy of being Bruce Wayne, our next item on doozieUp’s Top 10 Christmas Wishes is…

#6 Wine Cellar Vault

Walk-In Wine Cellar Vault

When starting your Fine Wine collection why not add a cool factor to having a cellar. This vault is digitally temperature controlled and houses 1,500 bottles of wine or champagne, which can be monitored via the inventory system. Half the battle will be getting this thing stocked, but then that leaves the fun of knowing you can throw yourself a party any day of the week knowing you’ll never run out. Unless you invite me and my friends over. :-)

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