Nov 6 2008

Most expensive zip codes in the country – Washington DC

With the announcement of our President Elect Barack Obama, lets make the next stop on our most expensive zip codes tour in Washington DC. I actually visited DC this past summer with my wife and I really enjoyed the trip, though those streets can get a little confusing with all the circles. On our previous […]

Nov 5 2008

Barack Obama is our next President!

It is official! Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. I feel proud and honored to be apart of this historic occasion. This marks a moment in American History where anyone under the American flag can know nothing is out of their reach. Dreams truly have been realized, and glass ceilings have […]

Sep 7 2008

Wouldn’t it be sweet to get one “do over”

The United States government should give every citizen at least one “do over” throughout the course of a lifetime. Sounds crazy but why not? When your on the journey to make life the best you can your going to make some mistakes and some bad desisions along the way, but it sometimes takes soo long […]

Sep 4 2008

The Barack Roll is pretty hilarious!


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