Jan 1 2010


All I can say is 2009 has been a rough one, packed with lesson’s learned and hard times. People learned how to cope, adjust and adapt to change. I personally learned that everything happens for a reason and that if the path was easy it wouldn’t feel as sweet once you’ve made it. In 2009 […]

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Jan 17 2009

First Post of 2009 – A better year

Wow, I have not wrote anything on doozieUp since Dec. 25th of 2008! That’s bad I know, I need to post waaay more often then that, but during Christmas I kinda traveled for a week without a consistent connection to the web, so there is my excuse. I am sitting here thinking about how 2009 […]

Nov 11 2008

Who has to die before you push yourself to the limit?

That title may sound a little strange, but the reason for this post is to think about that question, Who has to die before you push yourself to the limit? I’m sure you have heard the stories of great people who stopped at nothing to achieve great dreams after dedicating that dream to a recently […]

Oct 24 2008

Liz Strauss’ Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life

Photo by: Michael Falco for The New York Times As promised when I am exposed to good advice to help better my life I will share it with everyone. Liz Strauss posted this Top 10 list on Successful Blog which really embodies everything I believe about actively going after your dreams, and making life what […]

Jun 25 2008

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, YES

What’s that one thing, that one item that you have always wanted to achieve, and just assumed you could never have it? For me its the Lamborghini. I have been fantasizing about this car since I was in the third grade. I was exposed to it when my teacher requested the class to get a […]

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