May 7 2010

(Re-Post) 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts”

This post is a 100% re-post from YoungEntrepreneur.COM. A great article on trusting your ideas and making them happen. I say instead of letting people talk you out of your idea, take action on it and prove it won’t work by actually attempting it! Awesome Article! Enjoy. 17 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Listen to “Experts” […]

Jul 23 2008

How to become a young millionaire? That’s my goal!

Recently I was reading an article on that discussed entrepreneurship and becoming succeeful at an early age. It was an interview with Jennifer Kushell the author of Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to get everything you want without waiting a lifetime. That title alone envokes the exact thoughts I have about becoming […]


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