Jan 17 2009

First Post of 2009 – A better year

Wow, I have not wrote anything on doozieUp since Dec. 25th of 2008! That’s bad I know, I need to post waaay more often then that, but during Christmas I kinda traveled for a week without a consistent connection to the web, so there is my excuse. I am sitting here thinking about how 2009 […]

Aug 6 2008

Red Ligt, Green Light, Life goes through cycles

You ever notice on some days when your anxious to get some where or are in a hurry, every street light you reach you get stopped. No matter what turns you make, or what short cut you try, stop, stop, after stop. Then there are other days whe your relaxed and just going with the […]

Jun 25 2008

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, YES

What’s that one thing, that one item that you have always wanted to achieve, and just assumed you could never have it? For me its the Lamborghini. I have been fantasizing about this car since I was in the third grade. I was exposed to it when my teacher requested the class to get a […]

Jun 23 2008

The #1 Most Expensive Zip Code in the Country is?

#1 Newport Coast, CA 92657 Median Sales Price $3,170,000.00 California has really put the rest of the country to shame when it comes to expensive digs. Leading our Top 5 Most Expensive Zip Codes with 4 making the cut, California has proven to be the state of luxury, wealth, and success. Made famous by


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