Oct 1 2008

iPhone FaceBook app update

The new FaceBook app on the iPhone is really sweet. They took the first iteration and completely overhauled it. It’s now much easier to track everything you would usually track on the online application right on your iPhone. Some of the new things I am really enjoying are direct photo uplaods, notifications, and the tabbed […]

Aug 9 2008

doozieUp is iPhone ready thanks to WPTouch

A friend, blogger behind Byte Size Reviews, recommended that I make doozieUp iPhone ready using Brave New Code’s WPTouch plugin for wordpress. As you can see from the images below, this is a great plugin, and allows this site to be easily read using the iPhone. Go try it out and add me to your […]

Aug 8 2008

The Amosu Diamond iPhone, 3G version coming?

Amosu’s ultra lux devices are clearly for the high spenders and that “well to do” crowd with their diamond studded iPhones and such. Fetching prices upwards of $20,000.00 leads one to ask, what type of person is willing to spend that much money for a phone that will be updated every year? I guess you […]

Jul 1 2008

3G iPhone to be released July 11th, Will the iPhone change the world?

Due out on July 11th I can wager many will be waiting in line just to brag to their friends and blog about being the first to have one. As evidenced when the first generation iPhone arrived last year, Apple had plenty on supply and the whole waiting inline bit was more so for entertainment […]


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