Sep 2 2009

The Ferrari 458 Italia looks pretty sweet

I consider myself more of a Lamborghini guy for their outrageousness, and a 911 Turbo guy for practicality and a FAT tail… But this new Ferrari 458 Italia is pretty sweet. Check out the pics. Click for larger image. Pics via Luxist For more Pics…

Nov 10 2008

Mercedes Benz AMG Division’s New Black Series SL65

Mercedes’ AMG Division now has a “Black Series”, apparently to offer it’s loyal customers another level of excitement (from Car Magazine) since many of them choose to go to other manufactures for greater thrills. I would imagine some of the candidates would be Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche to name a few. In this post I […]

Oct 24 2008

Italian Police get to drive Lamborghinis?? I’m Moving!

A friend sent me a link to a Wired Blog called Autopia which has a post today about Italian Police driving Lamborghini’s. Does this mean they get paid more for being highway patrolmen over there? So, I wonder if Ferrari and Maserati are in different jurisdictions? At any rate, this is my last post, I’m […]

Aug 13 2008

Million Dollar Aston Martin One-77

Looks like Aston Martin is ready to release it’s a million dollar prize. Apparently only 77 will be made, so clearly there will be a race between the mega wealthy to see who gets there hands on one. If I’m going to shell out a million, it will be for a Lamborghini Reventon (below) instead. […]


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