Jul 21 2010

Top 3 ways to never succeed in life

Hey! Yeah I know it’s been a while since I have posted and it’s been rather infrequently at that. Tell you the truth I had to stop for a while, because it was time to stop simply dreaming and take action on my ideas to realize those dreams. I would like to say that I […]

Jun 25 2008

“The Secret”, do you believe in it?

The Secret, if you read the book or have seen the movie you are sure to understand a lot of the principles I talk about in my posts, when it comes to creating your dream life and positive thinking. I guess the question you’re wondering about me is do I believe in The Secret? Yes […]

Jun 13 2008

Porsche Design FEARLESS 28, Take the cap off your dreams!

What are your dreams like? Law of attraction: Your thoughts determine your destiny “FEARLESS 28”, this is the sweetest yacht I have ever laid eyes on. It’s a High Performance Coupe on water, designed by Porsche no less. This is definitely getting added to my must have list! I can see myself right this moment […]


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