Nov 14 2008

Self Evalutaion Time: My 10 Year High School Reunion

So its that time. That time in my life where I come to grips with how much time has passed. 10 years since I graduated from High School. See my reaction to the invite here. Many people are either excited about the opportunity to see how much better they are doing verses everyone else, and […]

Oct 29 2008

The Good Life with Romeo

Romeo (son of music mogul Percy Miller) has been living a pretty outrageous life since he was young. What impresses me about him is his ability set high goals and follow his own dreams without settling for the success and wealth he has grown custom to. He pushes himself in school as well as on […]

Oct 28 2008

Dreamer Tip: How to live the good life now

Remember when you were a kid and sat around imagining you where this or that? Those were great times because there was no limit set on what you could do or be. To make your dreams into reality these days its going to take a little creative imagination and role playing. Think about the type […]

Aug 7 2008

Ferrari Paradise in the Italian Counrty Side

Nothing much to say here, but I know where I need to vacation and what wheels I need to have on tap for the ride. This photo exemplifies the “Good Life”, to me that is. When traveling to Italy why not tour the country side with what many refer to as the “Ultimate Super Car”, […]


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