Jul 21 2010

Top 3 ways to never succeed in life

Hey! Yeah I know it’s been a while since I have posted and it’s been rather infrequently at that. Tell you the truth I had to stop for a while, because it was time to stop simply dreaming and take action on my ideas to realize those dreams. I would like to say that I […]

Oct 28 2008

Dreamer Tip: How to live the good life now

Remember when you were a kid and sat around imagining you where this or that? Those were great times because there was no limit set on what you could do or be. To make your dreams into reality these days its going to take a little creative imagination and role playing. Think about the type […]

Aug 6 2008

Red Ligt, Green Light, Life goes through cycles

You ever notice on some days when your anxious to get some where or are in a hurry, every street light you reach you get stopped. No matter what turns you make, or what short cut you try, stop, stop, after stop. Then there are other days whe your relaxed and just going with the […]

Jul 4 2008

Achieve your goals by keeping them in front of you.

When you know exactly what you want the only way your going get it is by keeping that goal in front of you. Pictures, screen savors, goal lists etc. Try 43Things, it’s great way to stay on top of your goals and challenge yourself. The important thing is you have to believe you really can […]

Jun 25 2008

“The Secret”, do you believe in it?

The Secret, if you read the book or have seen the movie you are sure to understand a lot of the principles I talk about in my posts, when it comes to creating your dream life and positive thinking. I guess the question you’re wondering about me is do I believe in The Secret? Yes […]


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