Aug 8 2008

2008 Olympics From Beijing China, why am I not there?

I’m sitting here watching the opening of the 2008 Olympics from my couch in Orlando, FL. These are the times when one’s success takes them to unparalleled experiences, when you get to absorb moments in time that will last forever in memory. China has worked since 2001 to make this Olympics a spectacle without measure. […]

Jul 9 2008

The Grand Resort Lagonissi, doozieUp your travel to Athens Greece

Ready for your trip to Athens, Greece? It’s about history in this storied land, from ancient wonders to the glorious Mediterranean there is much to experience in Athens. The experience of laying your eyes on the lands you’ve read and seen so many movies about is something special. Taking in the sites and the history […]

Jun 20 2008

Patravi TravelTec, Time Redefined

You’re a world traveler right? Ok, an aspiring world traveler. No matter, I want to be a world traveler someday and I have stumbled upon a traveling mate that I must have in my watch collection! The Patravi TravelTec series of watches by Carl F. Bucherer. You may remember my reference to the TravalTec in […]


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